“The Drifter Vol.1 – Lost Soul” – New Series of Erotica Short Stories Now Available @ Smashwords

Hi guys!

Just to let you know my new erotica short story collection, The Drifter, is up and running, and you can download Volume 1 – Lost Soul – FREE @ Smashwords.


In the new series of erotic stories from Bebe Smith, we meet Mike McCoy, a thirtysomething drifter from California. Left widowed, when the love of his life is run down on their anniversary, Mike has chosen the solitude of grief, over the impossibility of carrying on without her. For 100 days, Mike has been wandering the lonely, dusty roads of West Coast America, cursing God for every morning he wakes up and is forced to endure another day of knowing what he has lost. But then Mike meets Jacky, a young, sassy waitress in a two-bit diner. Jacky seems to see right down into Mike’s tortured soul and, feeling his pain, tells him she can be anyone he wants her to be, if it’ll stop him being so sad. Volume 1 of the seven-part series, “The Drifter”, available exclusively on Smashwords. Over-18s only.