The Phoenix Rises – Bebe Is Back!


So yes, it’s me, back from a very prolonged absence which would take too long to explain, suffice to say it involved a break-up, a moving out and a whole life change to somewhere new. Has taken a while to pick myself up, but now I’m back and ready to publish like crazy.

I have new stories to give to you, plus I’m raring to get back on track with my popular “Alphabet of Sex”, where I detail all my favorite experiences and positions from A to Zee.


Stay tuned for some explosive erotica – one little story coming up later today! Thanks for your patience – let’s reconnect at last! Hope y’all doing good out there. Let’s raise a glass to hot and sweaty Summer of Naughtiness!

BB xx

“The Drifter” Erotic Short Story Series – Now Available on AMAZON!

Happy New Year,

Hope 2013 brings you all everything you wish for. Remember, be amazing!

In case you need some sexy new stories to launch you into the new year, or are still too hungover to do any real work (!), you might like to know that my erotica short story series, “The Drifter” is now available through Amazon. Check out my author pageĀ here, where you can easily find all the titles listed.

Join or hot hero, Mike McCoy, as he fucks his way across California, trying to deal with the grief of losing his beloved wife, Cassie.

Treat yourself to some January japery, and snuggle up under the covers with these hot little stories – guaranteed to make these winter nights sizzle!

Sending much love out to you all over the virtual ether…

BB xx