“Sex Snacks #5 – Eliza: Illicit Pleasures” – FREE e-Book Available NOW on Smashwords!!

To celebrate my “return to life, I’ve just published a new naughty short story “Eliza: Illicit Pleasures”, #5 in my “Sex Snacks” series. You can get it FREE @ Smashwords (and in a couple of weeks @ Amazon, too.)

Sex Snacks 5 - Illicit Pleasures COVER JPEG


Tired of her going-nowhere affair with the arrogant Rupert, Eliza finds herself responding to the attentions of Piero; the handsome Italian manager of the hotel where Eliza and Rupert meet. Succumbing to Piero’s Latin charms, Eliza gets a raunchy lesson in love in the hot and steamy surroundings of the hotel kitchen…

It’s HOT! So download for FREE now, and don’t forget to check out the other titles in my “Sex Snacks” series, plus the very raunchy adventures of CJ Mills in “The Honey Trap Files” and dark and brooding Mike McCoy in “The Drifter”.┬áStay tuned for more naughty episodes cumming your way soon!

Lots of love BB xx