Normal Service Is Resumed!

So sorry for my absence during most of the Summer. Real life has a habit of interfering and throwing us off course from where we really want to be. But no matter, as we usually find our way ‘home’ again!

So to update you, I will shortly be uploading the final part of my free erotica series, “The Drifter”. I know many of you have been waiting to see what happens to lonely Mr McCoy, so soon you’ll find out! Thanks for all the kind comments.

“The Alphabet of Sex” will be resuming today, with the letter ‘D’. What word would you choose? Watch this space later this afternoon.

The real exciting news, though, is that I am well on with a longer story, that should get some pulses racing. Although I spend a lot of time in my adopted home of Wiltshire, England (it’s straight from Miss Marple!), I have been lucky enough to get over to the island of Jersey (that’s the Channel Islands, y’all, not NJ!). It’s so pretty there, and closer to France, than England (for those that don’t know). So it was nice to catch up with friends but, even better, it gave me the inspiration for a hot new story, based around the naughtiness of this millionaire’s playground. Vineyards, beaches, forest glades and stunning French village architecture…you just know that there’s something seriously sexy going on behind the shutters when the tourists leave town…

So watch this space for my new, longer-length erotic story that’ll be showing up on Smashwords soon.

And thanks for your patience!

Love BB.

“The Drifter Vol.4 – Memories (A Mike McCoy Encounter)” – Now Available @ Smashwords

It’s Summertime already!

What better way to celebrate than a hot little story to go with your coffee?

The Drifter Vol.4 – Memories is now available for DOWNLOAD @ Smashwords.


Vol. 4

Wandering widower, Mike McCoy, has reached Indio, CA where, ten years before, on his way to Coachella Fest, Mike had met the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen – his beloved Cassie. Standing outside the motel where they’d both taken shelter from a fierce storm, Mike reminisces about how they’d flirted, fucked and fallen in love, neither realizing that each had met their destiny.

Don’t forget, you can catch all volumes of The Drifter @ Smashwords, plus all seven titles, and the anthology, of The Honey Trap Files.

It would be fab if you get chance to put a review, too. All comments welcome! Honest!

Have a great weekend, and look out for the long overdue Alphabet Of Sex – D Is For…?

BB xx

“The Drifter Vol.3 – Discovery (A Mike McCoy Encounter)” – Now Available @ Smashwords

Hey everyone,

I thought you might like to know that The Drifter Vol.3 – Discovery is now available for DOWNLOAD @ Smashwords.


In the third volume of my erotic series, “The Drifter”, widower Mike McCoy finds himself hot and frustrated in the tiny town of Cabazon, CA. He eventually finds relief when a female trucker, Rosie, takes pity on him and agrees to give him a ride as far as Indio. Their mutual attraction is obvious, and it isn’t long before the brazen Rosie is offering up her pussy for some welcome siesta action. Glad of the distraction, and feeling horny as hell, Mike is only too happy to give Rosie what she wants, and a whole lot more.

Don’t forget, you can catch all volumes of The Drifter @ Smashwords, plus all seven titles, and the anthology, of The Honey Trap Files.

If you get chance, please leave a review if you like it – they really mean a lot! And thanks for all your great comments so far.

Love! BB xx

“The Drifter Vol.2 – Awakening (A Mike McCoy Encounter)” – Now Available FREE @ Smashwords

Hi guys!

Sorry it’s been a long time. Those pesky little things called “paying jobs” interrupted my flow, and I had to take time out to pay bills and stuff. If only we could get paid for doing the things we love – that would be heaven!

Anyway, just to let you all know that you can now download The Drifter – Volume 2 – Awakening – FREE @ Smashwords.


In the second volume of my erotica series, “The Drifter”, widower Mike McCoy reaches the small, Californian town of Banning, where he meets the beautiful, virginal Isla Halton. Isla’s father runs the traveling fairground that’s come to visit, and he offers Mike a job – and a bed – for the night. As Mike helps out, he and Isla are obviously attracted to each other, but Mike still feels guilty about ‘betraying’ his dead wife, when he fucked a cute waitress a few weeks before. Can he maintain his resolve, or is Isla’s pussy a necessary pit stop, that’s just written in the stars?


Don’t forget, you can catch all volumes of The Drifter @ Smashwords, plus all seven titles, plus the anthology, of The Honey Trap Files.

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“The Drifter Vol.1 – Lost Soul” – New Series of Erotica Short Stories Now Available @ Smashwords

Hi guys!

Just to let you know my new erotica short story collection, The Drifter, is up and running, and you can download Volume 1 – Lost Soul – FREE @ Smashwords.


In the new series of erotic stories from Bebe Smith, we meet Mike McCoy, a thirtysomething drifter from California. Left widowed, when the love of his life is run down on their anniversary, Mike has chosen the solitude of grief, over the impossibility of carrying on without her. For 100 days, Mike has been wandering the lonely, dusty roads of West Coast America, cursing God for every morning he wakes up and is forced to endure another day of knowing what he has lost. But then Mike meets Jacky, a young, sassy waitress in a two-bit diner. Jacky seems to see right down into Mike’s tortured soul and, feeling his pain, tells him she can be anyone he wants her to be, if it’ll stop him being so sad. Volume 1 of the seven-part series, “The Drifter”, available exclusively on Smashwords. Over-18s only.

‘The Honey Trap Files – The Anthology’ – available now @ SMASHWORDS

The seven-volume Erotica short story collection, ‘The Honey Trap Files’, is now available on Smashwords as a one-stop, easy to ready anthology.

Encompassing all the steamy adventures of our favorite fuck-pussy, C.J. Mills, the anthology also includes an EXCLUSIVE bonus prequel, “The Awakening”, which details the origins of C.J.’s sexual appetite.

Get your copy, here.

And, for all individual volumes, just visit the links on previous posts, below, or visit my Smashwords page, for easy links to INSTANT, FREE EROTICA!

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The Alphabet Of Sex – C is for Climax

Clit, Cunt, Cock…there are too many lovely things to talk about. But I’ve settled on Climax because, at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all aiming for – cumming (another C!), and all the other Cs are just a means to this end.

Men are usually lucky when it comes to achieving orgasm – wind it up, and it will go. But not all women have quite such an easy time of it. The vast majority of us can reach clitoral orgasm with sufficient stimulation and arousal, but climaxing through penetrative sex isn’t actually all that common. Scientists have argued for years over whether women even have a ‘G-spot’. I think we do (I know I do…), but I’m not sure how much of its existence is physical, or more emotional.

I cam cum any way I like – clitorally, vaginally and anally – but that’s only after years of practice. I even had an orgasm when I was sucking a guy off, once. That wasn’t because I’d suddenly grown a clit in my throat, obviously. It was because my brain was so aroused as I was fellating him, it sent that message down to my pussy, and it made me climax. And we’ve all had those sex dreams where we’re having an orgasm so intense, it actually wakes us up. So climaxing can’t be a purely physical thing.

So, for any woman who has trouble climaxing, try and use your mind a bit more when you’re having sex. Think it, and it will cum. Relax every muscle in your body and ‘go with the flow’ and see not just where your guy’s (or girl’s) fingers or cock can take you, but where your own imagination can.

If it helps, here are 5 Ways I’m Guaranteed to Climax

1. Tease my bud gentlydon’t go at it like you’re trying to break the world speed record, guys. It’s a sensitive organ, just like your cock. But, unlike your cock, it responds better to prolonged attention, not quick pulls. I love a guy to either lick or stroke my clit slow and long, before picking up speed as I feel my orgasm rise. Imagine it’s a rollercoaster, and you have that slow, slow climb the top before…..weeeeeeeeee, you’re off over the edge and there’s no going back. Well, that’s how our clits work.

2. Stroke my breasts while you’re fucking me – a personal one, this, obviously. I just love a guy fondling my tits while he’s screwing me. My nipples are super sensitive, it’s like they have their own in-built clit, so I either stroke myself, or get him to do it while he’s inside me with his cock. I cum every time.

3. Never stop touching – it doesn’t matter if you’re screwing my pussy, my ass or my mouth. Don’t let your fingers go to sleep. Stimulation during sex shouldn’t just come from your cock. Guys have two more sex organs, they’re called hands. USE THEM. While your cock is enjoying my cunt, your hands should be stroking my face, my butt, my thighs, my shoulders, the nape of my neck (yes, please!) or even just playing with my hair. Touch, touch, then touch some more, because a woman’s brain will convert those caresses into extra bits of orgasm.

4. Going for it in the shower – I can do this by myself, although it’s just as much fun with a partner. My shower is the best vibrator in the world, bar none. Every morning, I just can’t wait to get into the bathroom and push that powerful, hot jet between my legs for an instant climax. And there’s no cleaning up required, so it’s time-saving, too.

5. Fucking in secret – having sex, masturbating, or having a guy masturbate me, right in front of people who have no clue what we’re doing, is an absolute fail-safe for making me cum. On a crowded subway train or bus, when everyone’s jammed up against each other, I often get my guy to start fingering me, because I just love the thrill of looking at other people’s oblivious faces, while he has his hand on my pussy. Even thinking about it, as I’m writing it, is making me tingle. It’s not exhibitionism, because if the person standing next to me suddenly realized what we were doing, that doesn’t excite me one bit. I think it’s just us knowing, that’s enough for me. That secret bit of knowledge, really turns me on.

So, what’s guaranteed to make you climax? Something physical? Or is the mere thought of something enough to send you on your way?

Share, in the comments bubble at the top of this post.

‘The Honey Trap Files Vol.7 – The Security Guard’ Now Available @Smashwords

The seventh, and final, volume of the ‘The Honey Trap Files’ seriesstarring C.J. Mills, is now available to download at Smashwords.


In the 7th instalment of The Honey Trap Files, C.J. Mills must pretend to steal from a high end fashion boutique on Hollywood’s famous Rodeo Drive. The store’s security guard, Billy Wells, is great at spotting light-fingered customers. But, instead of calling the cops on them, Billy’s been taking the prettier ones into his private office, and fucking them in return for his silence. Anxious to avoid any bad publicity, should any of the ‘lifters’ go public, the store hires C.J. to go undercover and let Wells screw her, ensuring every single moment is on tape, via the camera they’ve just hidden in Billy’s office. Always in the mood to fuck, C.J. is keen to get started, especially as her hot boss, Tomas, has refused her their usual Friday morning sex session. Hornier than ever, C.J. sets out to make this mission her most successful yet, but will she be able to handle what Billy Wells has in store for her?

Happy reading!

Check out the other six volumes, all available at Smashwords.

The Honey Trap Files Vol.1 – The Recruit

The Honey Trap Files Vol.2 – The Lesson

The Honey Trap Files Vol.3 – The Salesman

The Honey Trap Files Vol.4 – The Rock Star

The Honey Trap Files Vol.5 – The Priest

The Honey Trap Files Vol.6 – The Ranchers

Next up – the easy-access Anthology of all seven stories – plus some sexy added extras….watch this space!

‘The Honey Trap Files Vol.6 – The Ranchers’ Now Available @Smashwords

The sixth volume of the 7-part series, ‘The Honey Trap Files’ featuring our erstwhile heroine, C.J. Mills, is now available to downloads at Smashwords.


In the 6th volume of the steamy Honey Trap Files, C.J. Mills is dispatched to the Lone Oak Ranch in Calabasas, where former rodeo star, Clay Farley, runs a part-time riding school. Clay’s wealthy wife, an insecure heiress a few years older than her new husband, isn’t convinced Clay married her purely for love, and has cause to suspect he’s already screwing around on her with some of the prettier students who come to Clay for riding lessons. C.J. enrols as a new rider, but while she finds the seduction of Clay easy enough, she hasn’t banked on his fellow rancher, Cooper, showing up to join in the fun. C.J. has to decide whether three’s a crowd, or just a little more company.

Vol. 6

Hope you all enjoy it, and if you did, please try and review it if you get the time (I know y’all busy!)

Check out the other five volumes, all available at Smashwords.

The Honey Trap Files Vol.1 – The Recruit

The Honey Trap Files Vol.2 – The Lesson

The Honey Trap Files Vol.3 – The Salesman

The Honey Trap Files Vol.4 – The Rock Star

The Honey Trap Files Vol.5 – The Priest

The Alphabet Of Sex – B is for Breasts

It’s a magnificent word, isn’t it? Very onomatopoeic. Breasts…breasts…BREASTS! Mmm.

Men love our boobs, our bazookas, our lovely, round love pillows, and women need to start loving them back, but that’s hard, when we’re so used to seeing them, day in, day out.

Because we have to look after them 24/7, the allure of our own breasts is often lost on us, so I want to ask all women reading, to fall back in love with them, and see them in a sexual light, just like guys do.

I’m lucky enough to have very, very sensitive boobs. My nipples, in particular, are usually always hard and erect, because it doesn’t take much to set them off. Having a guy fondle my tits, is guaranteed to drive me wild, and it’s fabulous foreplay, right before the main event. Equally, using my breasts to tit-fuck a guy, isn’t just a thrill for him, it sends me right to the edge, too.

I love the way my breasts feel and, when I’m masturbating, I’m usually stroking my tits at the same time. Also, when a guy eats me out, I’ll probably be feeling myself up, for added pleasure.

One great tip for those who need to rediscover the ‘Joys of Breasts’, is to invest in a small bullet vibrator. Running that shiny, little machine over your nipples and tits, feels amazing, and it’s a great couples thing to indulge in. Just lie back, and let your guy (or girl) use it on you, until you’re begging them to finish you off properly.

In case you want to try, these are my Top 5 Favorite Things To Do With My Breasts

1. Have a guy cup them when he’s fucking me from behind

Mmm, you love this, too, right? Feeling that cock up your cunt while he’s stroking and squeezing your tits – it’s complete containment, and feels soooo hot!!



2. Having them sucked

Needs no explanation. A hot tongue working up my nipples, just makes me cum on the spot.



3. Tit-Fucking

I just love fucking a guy’s cock with my tits. Mine are a great size for this – 38C – ideal for providing the perfect proportion of pillowing and friction.


4. Having a guy cum all over my tits

The feeling of all that hot cum sliding between my breasts, is just electric, then I like to make him suck his own cream off my nipples, so I get a 2-for-1 bonus!



5. Morning tit massages

My breasts are particularly sensitive first thing in the morning, so I like to wake my guy and get him to stroke and massage my tits until I’m so aroused, all he has to do is touch my pussy, and I’m cumming in an instant. This is not to be advised if you need to get up early and be alert!


Share your own boob experiences, whether you’re the owner or the user, via the comment bubble above, and let’s celebrate the Joy Of Breasts!