Launching “The Honey Trap Files” FREE @ Smashwords

Recently, I’ve been working on a series of 7 erotic short stories, of which the first 3 are now available to read/download on the world’s most popular e-book site, Smashwords.  The first two volumes are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Each story features our heroine, C.J. Mills, as she begins work for a Los Angeles company called The Honey Trap‘ – used by jealous spouses to catch their cheating partners in the act. It’s C.J.’s job to seduce, and screw, her hapless target, proving to the client that they can’t be trusted.

C.J. is a 5’10” beach babe, with silky, tanned skin, long, raven hair, piercing blue eyes and an addiction to sex. She loves getting fucked, every which way, and her new job lets her get screwed to her heart’s content.

Follow C.J., as she provides the tastiest of honey for her seductive traps. No-one is immune to her charms, not even her handsome boss, who she happily fucks to make sure she gets the job.

Join C.J. Mills in The Honey Trap Files by clicking on the images below. All can be downloaded for PC/Kindle/PDF/Amazon/Other e-Readers.

I hope you enjoy them – I’ll let you know when the other volumes are up and running. I also plan to release all 7 in an easy-to-access anthology.

Watch this space, and happy reading!

Vol.1 – The Recruit

Vol.2 – The Lesson

Vol.3 – The Salesman

Telling Stories

I don’t want to bore people with my first post, by droning on and on about myself, so I’ll keep it brief.

The purpose of starting this blog is to share my sexy thoughts and stories with the world. I love sex, just love it, and although I may have been a late starter (22), I’ve certainly made up for it since. I think beauty comes in all forms – physical, spiritual, emotional and sexual – and things can become even more beautiful if you’re willing to share them.

As an American now living in England, I thought I’d find a country full of “stiff upper lips”, afraid to confront, much less discuss, anything to do with sex.

In reality, I found the opposite to be true. After having spent a lot of time in many countries, including ooh-la-la France, seductive Spain and intimate Italy, I’ve found the “Brits” to be the most sexual.

Despite initially coming over here because of an English guy, it was only after we’d split that I began to fully appreciate how giving his other countrymen were. So I stayed.

I’ve always written stories, usually fairytales and bad poetry. It was only when I wrote an email to a friend a few years ago, detailing every intimate moment of a holiday tryst with my boyfriend, that it occurred to me to start writing down some of my sexual experiences.

I’m not sure where this blog will go, but I find it quite cathartic to talk about sex, and I love sharing. Sex is about education, too. Many of us, if we’re honest, don’t think our sex lives are as fulfilling as they could be. I hope to be able to advise anybody who thinks they need “sex counselling”, and will be posting up examples of discussions I’ve had with friends about dilemmas we’ve all had in the bedroom.

So, that’s about it. On here, you can expect to find some light-hearted chat, my own romantic ramblings, and any general sex-talk, plus lots and lots of story-sharing.

It’s the start of my own online journey, so please feel free to join me!