The Alphabet Of Sex – C is for Climax

Clit, Cunt, Cock…there are too many lovely things to talk about. But I’ve settled on Climax because, at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all aiming for – cumming (another C!), and all the other Cs are just a means to this end.

Men are usually lucky when it comes to achieving orgasm – wind it up, and it will go. But not all women have quite such an easy time of it. The vast majority of us can reach clitoral orgasm with sufficient stimulation and arousal, but climaxing through penetrative sex isn’t actually all that common. Scientists have argued for years over whether women even have a ‘G-spot’. I think we do (I know I do…), but I’m not sure how much of its existence is physical, or more emotional.

I cam cum any way I like – clitorally, vaginally and anally – but that’s only after years of practice. I even had an orgasm when I was sucking a guy off, once. That wasn’t because I’d suddenly grown a clit in my throat, obviously. It was because my brain was so aroused as I was fellating him, it sent that message down to my pussy, and it made me climax. And we’ve all had those sex dreams where we’re having an orgasm so intense, it actually wakes us up. So climaxing can’t be a purely physical thing.

So, for any woman who has trouble climaxing, try and use your mind a bit more when you’re having sex. Think it, and it will cum. Relax every muscle in your body and ‘go with the flow’ and see not just where your guy’s (or girl’s) fingers or cock can take you, but where your own imagination can.

If it helps, here are 5 Ways I’m Guaranteed to Climax

1. Tease my bud gentlydon’t go at it like you’re trying to break the world speed record, guys. It’s a sensitive organ, just like your cock. But, unlike your cock, it responds better to prolonged attention, not quick pulls. I love a guy to either lick or stroke my clit slow and long, before picking up speed as I feel my orgasm rise. Imagine it’s a rollercoaster, and you have that slow, slow climb the top before…..weeeeeeeeee, you’re off over the edge and there’s no going back. Well, that’s how our clits work.

2. Stroke my breasts while you’re fucking me – a personal one, this, obviously. I just love a guy fondling my tits while he’s screwing me. My nipples are super sensitive, it’s like they have their own in-built clit, so I either stroke myself, or get him to do it while he’s inside me with his cock. I cum every time.

3. Never stop touching – it doesn’t matter if you’re screwing my pussy, my ass or my mouth. Don’t let your fingers go to sleep. Stimulation during sex shouldn’t just come from your cock. Guys have two more sex organs, they’re called hands. USE THEM. While your cock is enjoying my cunt, your hands should be stroking my face, my butt, my thighs, my shoulders, the nape of my neck (yes, please!) or even just playing with my hair. Touch, touch, then touch some more, because a woman’s brain will convert those caresses into extra bits of orgasm.

4. Going for it in the shower – I can do this by myself, although it’s just as much fun with a partner. My shower is the best vibrator in the world, bar none. Every morning, I just can’t wait to get into the bathroom and push that powerful, hot jet between my legs for an instant climax. And there’s no cleaning up required, so it’s time-saving, too.

5. Fucking in secret – having sex, masturbating, or having a guy masturbate me, right in front of people who have no clue what we’re doing, is an absolute fail-safe for making me cum. On a crowded subway train or bus, when everyone’s jammed up against each other, I often get my guy to start fingering me, because I just love the thrill of looking at other people’s oblivious faces, while he has his hand on my pussy. Even thinking about it, as I’m writing it, is making me tingle. It’s not exhibitionism, because if the person standing next to me suddenly realized what we were doing, that doesn’t excite me one bit. I think it’s just us knowing, that’s enough for me. That secret bit of knowledge, really turns me on.

So, what’s guaranteed to make you climax? Something physical? Or is the mere thought of something enough to send you on your way?

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